TECODI – the consulting and service company for vendors and users of Storage Media

TECODI has answers on a full variety of complex issues associated with Storage Media. Our long-term experience in such market on the one hand and the networking with experts for design and manufacturing matters around the world on the other does lead to consistent and sustainable satisfaction factors for our customers, which ultimately is TECODI´s goal.

Whatever strengthened requirements you might have on either any quality, I/O performance or complex integration projects, TECODI will take care thoroughly. For example, the environmental-or operating system integration is one of our favorite subjects in this sense.

TECODI-serving you real time, focused and with customer view.

Whom we serve

No matter what data, which size and what security level, your data are key for us. TECODI is helping to find the right kind of storage device, it´s grade and cost. Testing under your own unique application is possible but also a “stand alone” test of the maturity level is possible.

You tell us the level of test depth you want us to test, we serve you the results.

Our corner pillars set are I/O – und Endurance test suites, environmental compatibility and data security within your application Moving this forward, those test results within your application layer will be looked at for stochastically sensibility and valuation with modern methodologies (for instance: Monte Carlo analysis and others).

Want to know, if your end user field will stay calm, will be healing or if there will be any sort of fallout aggregation? TECODI does use fine methodologies to make a call for you, such as WEIBULL projection plots and will use other tool sets to predict future behavior.

TECODI- we wear long term customer glasses.

It’s hard to be a disc

Testimonials from industry leaders

Leaders and influencers from the world of data storage voice their opinion about Tecodi.

TECODI has years of expertise in hard disk technologies and supports us in deep dive into the physics and vibration characteristics. By showing us the critical frequencies of the hard disk, we could improve our system. Based on their proposals and discussions with TECODI, we easily find our own solution.

TECODI has been an exceptional development partner for the most complicated of storage systems and sub-system development programs.  Their deep technical know how in both system level design as well as core storage device level engineering, has allowed us to solve the most difficult of challenges and move products into production much more quickly than we may have otherwise.  They are at the forefront in using advanced technologies like Computational Storage and their deep technical skills, coupled with exceptional communication with their customers makes TECODI an ideal development partner for anyone needing to engineer advanced systems.

TECODI brings decades of storage engineering qualification experience to the table. Their deep knowledge goes beyond written specifications and their understanding of business applications allows them to create value for their customers. I have worked with Peter Kersting for nearly thirty years representing different companies and would highly recommend TECODI for the most challenging projects!

I have worked with Peter Kersting, newly working out of the TECODI team, in the past for more than a decade in my 27 years of experience in the HDD business, mostly being Director of World Wide Failure Analysis in Seagate AMK, Singapore.

Peter and team had access to several statistical data that we have not heard before and was always learning from them. Working with my teams did always result in a very close relation of working culture and did show excellence in failure predictions as well.

“I have personally worked with Peter in the past, and was impressed by his ability to identify the value of new and up-coming technologies such as NV-DIMM. Peter is an experienced industry leader who understands the value of evaluating promising, cutting-edge technologies at an early stage, even when that technology comes with band-aids at first. Through a mix of honesty, inquisitiveness, and tons of industry experience, Peter is in a unique position to understand why, and which new technologies will be around for a long time.”

I have been in the Enterprise Hard Drive industry for over three decades. After a while, you can easily detect talent not only with your company peers, but also with your customers!

During my career I have has the pleasure of working with Peter Kersting whom is a co-founder of TECODI. Peter’s server and storage expertise was easily recognized when we first met. His focus on details with the goal of perfecting his products shined through during all of our meetings. Peter has always been easy to work with, even when asking the tough questions.

I applaud Herr Kersting as he launches his business, for which his customers will undoubtedly benefit from his focus and keen eye for technology perfection.

Your benefit

Full life cycle control of all relevant quality parameters is a MUST HAVE for reliable vendors. Chasing the best compromise of Time-To-Market (TTM) and quality is the ultimate goal. TECODI can assist and be of excellent service for you on this complex mission.


Integration of sensitive HDDs into rough target systems

HDDs are sensitive against external excitation such as system fans, neighborhood HDDs or any other system induced noise. I/O performance is compromised unintentionally or data loss remains inexplicable. Here is an overview of such mechanism…

When will HDDs leave the market, giving up all shares to Solid State Disks (SSD)?

This question´s answer relies on the exact knowledge of the customer’s application. The gating item remains to be the I/O access profile. The full insight though depends on a few more factors. This question is being asked for many years…

Technology storage media

Those brilliant creations of non-volatile memory on either spinning magnetic surfaces or on NAND flash in various grades or on any other persistent memory device, storage media in all their flavors did find their homeland inside the IT world.

Way back those days when Fritz Pfleumer, a German engineer in 1932 did elaborate some pre-liminary work to store data on magnetic substrates. This was the basic work for the legendary “Magnetophon K1” from company AEG.