Peter Kersting

24“ Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) were just coming out of play and I had just finished my university degree in electrical engineering, when I started to focus more into storage media devices at NIXDORF COMPUTER. The next 30 years in my business career those HDDS in particular, and their follow-on storage products were high ranking on my radar screen.

Within NIXDORF and it´s successor companies I held a broad variety of key positions inside the storage media space. I got in touch with a full lot of those famous storage pioneers, including one of the greatest, Mr. Alan Shugart, the inventor of the “Shugart” interface and co-founder from Seagate Technology.

During my high frequent number of overseas visits to the storage media design – and manufacturing centers I did start to dive into those SSDs / PCIe SSDs / NV DIMM and whatever else media, end users can store their data onto. It came more and more obvious that each design gets its own tradeoff between Time To Market (TTM) and outgoing quality.

Years passed by and my experience value did grow with them. First hand fundamental design details did enable me to understand the consequences for target systems induced by all those new technologies. Prevention mechanism for the system design became very clear and obvious.

TECODI – details drive experience.