Roland Henkel

Starting as a test engineer with NIXDORF COMPUTER, my most fascinating segment of employment was the qualification and system integration for all kind of storage devices, into a broad variety of server systems.

While 28 years passed by since, I held various positions inside the quality assurance server business unit and had the pleasure to see the gorgeous development of the storage media industry.

For the last 11 years being a profit loss responsible team manager I was holding myself very “near to data”. Given that attitude I could inspire and drive my team to manage on time qualifications and serve high quality services for our customers.

The international cross collaboration for development and testing activities were another flavor set of my activities and given my long-term experience, I could drive those to success as well.

Adjustments for working processes and cross cultural understanding differences needed to be made to manage very high quality levels needed for storage media solutions.

During the start-up activities for TECODI it´s amazing to see on how we support each other bringing different skills, characters and competences to the table on our mission to provide excellence to our customers.