Our homeland

TECODIs homeland is in the “Benhauser Feld” in the middle of the Paderborn industrial area within a modern building. Office and laboratory infrastructures is well suited and proper set for the full TECODIs service manual, server farm and hardware setup is trimmed to new as well.

TECODI´s home is prox. 2 miles east from Paderborn city within well placed industrial centrum called “Benhauser Feld”. Nearby motorway “Autobahn” A33 and A44 and main road B64 give us excellent access to all traffic network links needed. For our abroad customers or placed further away inside Germany, the airport “Paderborn-Lippstadt” is a 20 minute’ car ride away only. End 2016 we settled down at the ground floor of a two-storey office building. On roughly 2,200 foot² we run next to our office area, a dedicated customer lab, our TECODI development lab, a packaging area and an assembly line set up and a pretty large meeting room. All in all, it´s a very enjoyable and convenient working set up for us.

Inside our customer test lab, we run 19” rack mounted systems for many given standard application or individual customer setup applications as needed.


Inside the TECODI development lab, we have lots of 19” racks side by side and a Rotational Vibration (RV) shaker table, which allows us to measure and analyze the susceptibility structure of any given Hard Disk Drive (HDD) up to 2 kHz sine wave for its mechanical displacement. Main current development work at this point is the random noise input measures, to simulate a bandwidth noise injection as it is gives us even more practice-oriented test results for real data center and server environments.

TECODI is about to finalize the work for RV testing on a dedicated analysis methodology and will claim a patent on it soon.


Those validated RV test results are very helpful for both the vendors of HDDs to see the quantified susceptibility of the HDD under test against internal and external rotational vibration environment.

As for the 19” rack environment we have about 30 servers with INTEL© CPUs inside ranging over various system generations and 1HE to 4 HE form factors up to the latest Broadwell-EP Xeon E5-2600 v4. In addition, there are prox. 40 passive subsystems and JBODs inside resulting into ca. 550 slots for all kind of 2.5”, 3.5” HDDs and SSDs. In terms of interfaces we run SAS at a max of 12 Gbit/s, being backward compatible to 3 Gbit/s and SATA for 1.5, 3- and 6 Gbit/s as well.

So, this brief overview should give you an insight on the installed TECODI labs equipment, we stay tuned at any time to further align to your needs, contact us and let´s see what’s doable, you´ll find us flexible.